Are You Bound By An Addiction?

Just a word and a touch from Jesus can loose you from your addiction.

by Eric Dunbar

Chains of addictionAre you a prisoner of some type of addiction? If so, don’t let alcohol, cigarettes, crack, meth, pain killers, or gambling hold you down. Whatever you are addicted to, know that God can set you free of your addiction.

I get a variety of responses when I talk to people about drug addiction, especially when I tell them that God can free them of drug addiction. Sadly, many addicts don’t believe that Jesus can identify with what their experience with addiction. Most addicts feel that Jesus could not possible understand their situation.

God knows about your addiction

God knows exactly what you’re going through, and He cares deeply for you. Our God is a loving God. The bible is full of examples of God’s goodness and His love for us. A good example of God’s love can be found in the biblical story of a woman who had a terrible sickness for eighteen years. This woman was powerless against her sickness, but the compassion of Jesus healed her and gave her a new outlook on life. The bible makes it clear that this woman’s sickness was caused by a spirit. This spirit held this woman hostage and kept her in a bent position for eighteen miserable years.

Like the woman in the bible, a spirit held me hostage for twelve years. It kept me in a bent position, looking down, and away from God. Unable to raise myself up, I could not enjoy life because I was a prisoner to crack cocaine.

One word, and one touch from God can change your life forever. In the case of this woman, and me, that one word was “loosed.” Jesus told the woman that she was “loosed” from her infirmity. That meant she was not subject to the power of the spirit of infirmity anymore. But even after she received her word from God she still could not straighten up. For eighteen years this woman went about her daily life looking down at the ground. She had looked down so long, she no doubt believed that she had no reason to look up. But when Jesus touched her she straightened up. Now she had a reason to look up because she knew that God loved her.

Don’t be subject to the power of addiction

When God loosed me from crack, addiction could not hold me. But I could not straighten up until Jesus touched me. His touch made me feel loved again; His touch made me want to lift my head and my hands toward heaven; His touch made me straighten up and pursue life with my head held high.

Whatever has you bound, believe that God can set you free. However, when God calls out to you, you must go to Him. When Jesus called the woman to Him He told her that she was loosed from her infirmity. If you answer the call of God you will be loosed from your addiction. God will touch you, like He touched me. If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed!

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