Be ‘Right-Minded’ Head Of Family

by Eric Dunbar

If you’re in the leadership position in your family structure, whether you’re a single mom or head of the household father, you need to be ‘right-minded’

family headThe Family Structure

The family structure is held together by good leadership, right thinking and love. How would you respond if your son whom you had given a large inheritance came home broke, after foolishly wasting his money? Would you be angry with your son because he wasted his inheritance?

In the Parable of the Lost Son, the father didn’t scold his son. He didn’t even raise his voice at him. In fact, he took advantage of the opportunity to show his love by hugging his son and welcoming him home. The father in the parable was a great leader and he was ‘right-minded’. The father had his priorities in order and he knew what was important to him. He loved his son more than anything in the world and he wanted his son to know how much he loved him.

Today, the family structure has come under attack. It has almost become the norm not to have a father present in the household. And in many families where the father is physically present, he is absent in emotion, never displaying his love.

Be Restored to Your Rightful Place in the Family

Your heavenly Father loves you in the same way as the father in this parable. He desires to embrace you in His arms and restore to you all the things that you have lost.

Have you lost something that you feel you could never recoup? Perhaps you’ve lost the respect of your family because of an addiction. Maybe your father was absent from your childhood, or maybe he never displayed his love in such a way that you knew for certain that you were loved. Or perhaps you’re just frustrated that things have not gone according to your plans. Well, be comforted in this fact: God does not see your situation the way you do. Your heavenly father is looking for an opportunity to show you His love. He’s just waiting for you to come to Him.

You might feel like the prodigal son in that you feel so distant from your heavenly Father. You might even feel that you’ve disappointed Him. Whatever the reasons for your ill-feelings, you should not despair. The moment you go to your heavenly Father He will receive you with open arms. He will put on the many-colored robe to cover your guilt and your shame. He will put His ring on your finger to declare your authority and position of power and dominion, and He will put sandals on your feet to let you know that you are above his servant, who do not wear shoes.

Restore Your Lost Family Member

Even if you’ve never experienced the feeling of being that lost son, you might have a son or a daughter who has. Maybe that son or daughter has returned to you after squandering their inheritance. Then learn from the father in Parable of the Lost Son. Be a right-minded family leader like the father in the parable. Rather than be concerned for the lost possessions, which by the way can be replaced, show your concern for your lost family member who has returned to you. There is no greater feeling than to feel loved when you feel you don’t deserve to be loved.

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