DragonflyDragonfly is the latest in a trend of legal designer drugs. Synthetic (Designer) drugs are not new to the drug world however, they have become more popular in the United States over the past decade. There are all types of designer drugs on the market ranging from synthetic marijuana to synthetic hallucinogens. Although Designer Drugs are very dangerous, they are easy to obtain and are readily available online to under-aged children.

The new street drug Dragonfly is spreading fast and has already gotten into the hands of teens in several cities. The drug was invented decades ago byAlexander “Sasha” Shulgin,  who became famous for popularizing ecstasy and dozens of other laboratory-made pills. Dragonfly is officially known as 2C-E; it is also known on the street as Europa.

Shulgin created all of his drugs at a home lab in the Bay Area with the help of a DEA license that let him create drugs in order to analyze them. The idea was that in licensing Shulgin to create drugs it would allow Shulgin to give expert testimony when the agency went to prosecute dealers.

Dragonfly induces a high similar to LSD or mescaline that can last up to 12 hours. Several teens have received medical attention for overdosing on the drug, including at least one teen who was hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

What is Dragonfly

There are dozens of designer hallucigens that have an increased presence in our communities. Bromo Dragonfly is one of these new hallucinogens. Dragonfly is named because its chemical structure gives it a winged appearance of its chemical structure, and because it has an attached bromine atom. There are many drugs that are similar to Dragonfly, most famously the “2C” drugs, such as 2C-B and 2C-E. All of these chemicals work on serotonin, and change the way we feel and experience the world through our thoughts and senses. As a whole, each one of these chemicals have different properties and effects when used.

Bromo Dragonfly is extremely potent, meaning that it only takes a very small dose to produce life threatening results. Like all drugs that are induced into the body’s system, the effects of Dragonfly can last a long time, up to 2 or 3 days. If an individual has used Dragonfly and the drug produces a side effect, they could experience the side effects for awhile.

Side Effects

Dragonfly is a very serious drug and the side effects can include: heart problems, confusion, hallucinations, seizures and even death. Dragonfly has been banned in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The drug is so dangerous that many of the people who suffered from using it were first time users.

What Can You Do as a Parent?

Designer drugs are scary but as a parent it is your responsibility to face this frightening beast by first educating yourself to the horrors of drug use–all drugs! There are tons of information available on the Internet informing you of dangerous drugs that your children could be using. An excellent place to begin is at EricDunbar.com. Watch YouTube Videos that can be very informative, taking you into a world that you never knew existed. I have included a few interesting videos at the end of this article.

The most important thing that you could possibly do to intervene in the possibility of your children using drugs is to become their friend as opposed to just being their parent. Start talking to your children at a early age about drugs. If you gain their trust you are steps ahead of the drug dealer who wants nothing more than to get your son or daughter hooked on a drug that could drastically alter or even end your child’s life.


Just because someone exhibits some or all of the above signs and symptoms does not necessarily warrant that the individual is using, or addicted to Dragonfly. Certain medical conditions may also produce the above signs and/or symptoms.
DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this Website is gathered from visitors to this site, government documents, books, Websites and other resources. This information is solely for educational purposes only, and should not be considered by the reader as medical advice of any kind. Detoxification of drugs should only be done under strict medical and professional supervision. Do not attempt to detox from drugs without proper medical supervision, as it can be life threatening. At the very first signs of drug withdrawal symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately. If this is a medical emergency dial 911 immediately.

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