Drowning in Prescription Drugs

by Eric Dunbar

prescription-drugs-2-medNearly half of all Americans now use prescription drugs on a regular basis according to a CDC report. Nearly a third of Americans use two or more prescription drugs, and more than one in ten use five or more prescription drugs regularly.

The report also revealed that one in five children are being regularly given prescription drugs, and nine out of ten seniors are on drugs.

The cost of these drugs came to $234 billion in 2008. The most commonly-used drugs were:

  • Statin drugs for older people
  • Asthma drugs for children
  • Antidepressants for middle-aged people
  • Amphetamine stimulants for children

The average America has become a “druggie.” Senior citizens are given drugs for every diagnosed symptom. Children given legalized drugs like speed, and middle-aged moms are swallowing antidepressants like candy.

Addiction to prescription drugs are on the rise. Even the DEA is hosting a “take back your pills day” which allows people to surrender their unused prescription painkillers anonymously to DEA agents. surrender their unused prescription painkillers to DEA agents.

However, it is interesting that DEA agents will only accept “legal” amphetamine drugs such as Ritalin but not “illegal” methamphetamine drugs. You’re only off the hook if you paid monopoly prescription prices for your drugs.

Prescription Drugs Are A Growing Problem

The percentage of Americans taking prescription drugs is expected to rise even further as the health reform insurance regulations kick in. Much of the bill was specifically designed to favor pharmaceutical industry interests by putting even more people on medication.

The use of prescription drugs has reached a disturbing tipping point where even the future of the nation is at risk. When we get to the point where more than 50 percent of voters can’t think straight, our democratic government will start to crumble. Not to mention that nearly one in every five dollars of the U.S. economy is being spent on sickness and disease. Given these facts, America is trapped in a cycle of drug treatments that cost astronomical amounts, while no one is being cured.

No one gets healthier from taking prescription drugs. No one is cured by using prescription drugs and they don’t prevent disease. All they do is keep you in an animated state, barely alive so you can keep buying more prescription drugs. Drug companies do just enough to keep you from dying and not enough to get you healed so they can maintain their profits.

The Truth Is Obvious

It should be obvious that prescription drugs do not make you healthier, because if they did, the half of Americans that are taking prescription drugs would be healthy and the half that don’t take them would be unhealthy. But the opposite is true. People who avoid taking prescription drugs are healthier than those who take them. The more prescription drugs you consume, the sicker you become, simply because prescription drugs cause side effects that lead to other health problems.

Many of the prescription drugs that people take actually cause the things they claim to prevent. For example, prescription drugs that claim to treat osteoporosis cause hip fractures. Drugs that claim to treat cancer cause cancer. Drugs that are prescribed for depression cause suicidal thoughts.

The healthiest people are the people who exercise regular, spend time outdoors, eat healthy and avoid taking prescription drugs. These people are in the group of people that do not trust the drug industry and they are not hoodwinked by the hype of pharmaceutical companies make poor choices like getting flu shots.

The makers of these prescription drugs all preach the same message. They all say that we will be a healthier nation if everyone took prescription drugs. Just look at the television commercials. Nearly all TV-commercials allocate the use of some type of prescription drug.

The bottom line is modern medicine’s recommendation of using prescription drugs is destroying America. What’s your take on all of this?

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