Also known as Flakka
New highly addictive street drug ‘Gravel’ is a lot like synthetic ‘bath salts’

Street drug 'Gravel'Law enforcement prepares to battle against Gravel, a highly addictive new street drug. Gravel, also known as “Flakka” is a lot like bath salts.

We know very little about this new street drug. Recent lab results reveal that the active ingredient of the rock-like substance is alpha-Pyrroidinopentiophrenone. Alpha-PVP is a synthetic stimulant that acts on the cardiovascular and central nervous system.

Slowing the use of bath salts has been a tremendous undertaking for law enforcement and legislators. With bath salts, authorities have a starting point of reference. Specialty shops sell bath salts under anonymous names like K2 and Diablo.

Labeled as plant fertilizer, the active ingredient in Flakka is purchased overseas which makes it difficult to track. Local dealers then add other drugs to make their own batches of the drug which they package like crack cocaine in little baggies.

Flakka costs between $80 and $200 a gram. It doesn’t take a lot of the drug to get you high. A $5 hit will do it. Users on the streets call it $5 insanity. We do not know how much alpha-PVP is in the street version of Flakka. Studies have shown that Flakka is potentially more dangerous than the synthetic drugs of 2014.

What is Gravel?

Gravel is among the latest synthetic drugs to hit the streets of American neighborhoods, and it has parents and Law Enforcement upset. The drug gets its name from its gravel-like appearance.

Gravel is a combination of several drugs, all of which are very bad. There are several different variations of Gravel, some of which contain Klonopin (clonazepam), a drug used in the treatment of anxiety, and methamphetamine, which is a highly addictive stimulant, and bath salts, a highly dangerous central nervous system stimulant.

Depending on the user’s preference, Gravel is snorted, smoked, or administered intravenously. Some users say it is a drug like no other and claim that it is the new crack.

The effects of Gravel

The effects of Gravel differ from user to user. The drug is a powerful stimulant that causes paranoia and agitation. The level of paranoia is comparable to that of bath salts. Users of Gravel ar super paranoid. The drug makes them think that everyone is out to get them.

One of the side effects of using Gravel is the inability to think. It has been reported that Gravel users do not respond normally to pain. Police reported that a man who was being arrested did not respond to pain. The officers used multiple pressure point techniques, but the suspect did not respond to any of them.

Alpha-PVP metabolizes out of the body’s system quickly, so there is no specific detoxification protocol. Gravel produces a euphoric feeling much like that of crack cocaine. It is this euphoric sensation that makes Gravel users want to use the drug again. But in trying to achieve the same high, or level of extreme euphoria, people do great damage to their bodies because it is highly unlikely that a user will get the same mixture of chemicals on their next purchase. The same amount of alpha-PVP may be present in the formula, but the filler may be different. The problem is with the filler. Tests have also shown that rat poison and ammonium nitrate, a chemical found in fertilizer, have been used to dilute Gravel.


Just because someone exhibits some or all of the above signs and symptoms does not necessarily warrant that the individual is using, or addicted to Gravel. Certain medical conditions may also produce the above signs and/or symptoms.
Do not attempt to detox from drugs without proper medical supervision, as it can be life threatening. At the very first signs of drug withdrawal symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately. If this is a medical emergency dial 911 immediately.

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