gumbo drugGumbo is a well known tasty Creole cuisine that is easily identified by its unique flavor and seasonings. Gumbo originated in the swamps and bayous of Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi, and it has become a favorite food of the Cajun culture. But there is a new kind of “Gumbo” that is popping up in our neighborhoods, and it is not the savory Creole favorite that we have come to love so much. This new kind of “Gumbo” is a deadly concoction of drugs that can have devastating effects.

Although this lethal mixture, “Gumbo,” is a new name in the world street¬†drugs, the drugs that are used to make this deadly combination drug are not. These drugs have been around since the 1970s, but were known by different names.

What Are the Ingredients of Gumbo?

Gumbo is the street name for a dangerous cocktail of marijuana or synthetic marijuana, commonly laced with drugs like ecstasy, cocaine, and PCP, rolled in cigar tobacco leaf. These very same drugs were used in a similar way in the 1970s and 80s, but the cocktail was known then as Angel Dust and Sherms.

One of the ingredients of Gumbo is the “designer drug,” synthetic pot, sold under brand names like K2, Spice, and Diablo. Designer drugs are a synthetic analog of a legally restricted or prohibited drug that has been devised to circumvent drug laws. When you buy synthetic pot you never know what you’re getting, since the formula for synthetic marijuana is constantly changing, and therefore it cannot be checked and regulated. Synthetic marijuana alone, is an extremely dangerous substance, and that makes gumbo twice as dangerous.

Effects of Using Gumbo

Like marijuana, Gumbo affects different people in different ways. Rarely will two users have the same reaction to the drug. Some Gumbo users end up in a frozen state, others become combative, uncontrollable and oblivious to pain. The combination of drugs used in Gumbo are a dangerous and deadly mixture. Gumbo is known to contain the following drugs:

  • Synthetic Pot — the man made version of marijuana. Synthetic pot does not give you the sensation of smoking the natural earth grown bush. Instead, synthetic pot produces symptoms that are very similar to that of cocaine and crack cocaine. The chemical composition of the drug is constantly changing, therefore each time you use it you will get a different kind of high. People who make synthetic pot buy the active ingredients in powder form from unregulated chemists, mostly in China. Then they dissolve the powder in a liquid acetone which is the chemical used in nail polish remover and then add hallucinogens and nicotine. This mixture is then sprayed on dried plant leaves.
  • PCP — the primary ingredient in Gumbo. PCP (Phencyclidine) is also known as Angel Dust, Ashy Larry, illy, Love Boat, Sherm, Water, and Wet. PCP makes you hallucinate; it also causes serious delusions and severe psychoses. PCP is a Schedule II drug.
  • Ecstasy — also known as MDMA, belongs to the phenethylamine and amphetamine families. Ecstasy is an entactogenic drug that produces distinctive emotional and social effects.
  • Cocaine — produces euphoria and gives the user a sense of increased energy and a heightened state of mental alertness. Cocaine causes a loss of appetite, and causes some users to be talkative, irritable and nervous.

The most common effects of Gumbo include:

  • A general and subjective alteration in consciousness
  • A strong sense of inner peace and self-acceptance
  • Diminished aggressions, hostility, and jealousy
  • Diminished fear, anxiety, and insecurity
  • Extreme mood lift with accompanying euphoria
  • Feelings of empathy, compassion, and forgiveness towards others
  • Feelings of intimacy and even love for others
  • Improved self-confidence
  • The ability to discuss normally anxiety-provoking topics with marked ease
  • An intensification of perception, particularly tactile sensation or touch, as well as hearing and vision
  • Substantial enhancement of the appreciation for quality of music
  • Mild psychedelia, consisting of mental imagery and auditory and visual distortions

Dangers of using Gumbo

The synthetic pot in Gumbo adds to the danger of using it. We do not know what synthetic pot can do to humans because many of the substances found in synthetic pot has never been tested on anything. You could smoke synthetic pot today, and one month later you could be diagnosed with some dreaded nerve or brain syndrome that cannot be cured. Or you could be a perfectly normal individual with a bright future and after smoking synthetic pot you could become suicidal for the rest of your life.

If you, or someone you know is using the drug “Gumbo,” stop now and seek help. The price you will pay for using Gumbo is just not worth it!


Just because someone exhibits some or all of the above signs and symptoms does not necessarily warrant that the individual is using, or addicted to Gumbo. Certain medical conditions may also produce the above signs and/or symptoms.
DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this Website is gathered from visitors to this site, government documents, books, Websites and other resources. This information is solely for educational purposes only, and should not be considered by the reader as medical advice of any kind. Detoxification of drugs should only be done under strict medical and professional supervision. Do not attempt to detox from drugs without proper medical supervision, as it can be life threatening. At the very first signs of drug withdrawal symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately. If this is a medical emergency dial 911 immediately.

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