Recovery With God Lasts Forever

by Eric Dunbar

Jesus is life changing“I know that whatever God does, it shall be forever. Nothing can be added to it, and nothing taken from it. God does it, that men should fear before Him.” (Ecclesiastes 3:14).

Recovery with God lasts forever. When God recovers you from drug addiction, your recovery will last for the rest of your life, because whatever God does is forever, because He is the Eternal God. There is nothing to add to what God has done to keep your recovery, and there is nothing anyone can do to cause you to relapse.

Before God recovered me I tried to recover my own life from drug addiction through the Twelve Step Program of Narcotics Anonymous, and I was quite successful. But my recovery only lasted about two weeks. I wanted so badly to be free of my addiction, so I went to God and I sought Him full throttle like never before. For about a month, day and night, I sought help from God. And then He came, and I was fully recovered. I knew immediately that God had recovered me because I didn’t want to get high anymore. That insatiable urge to smoke crack cocaine was gone. I had no desire to do any of the things I used to do whenever I got high. That was twenty-two years ago, and I am still recovered and never once did I waiver.

My association with drug addiction has taught me that if you try to recover your life by any other means, there is always the fear of relapse. And because of your fear of failure, there is no guarantee that your recovery will last. My friend, God is love, and “there is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18). As long as you fear relapse, you will never fully recover.

Recovery with God lasts forever. When God recovers you, you are not a “recovering addict,” you’re just recovered. You don’t have to do anything to keep your recovery; you don’t have to count the days; there are no meetings to go to, and nobody to report to. When God recovers you, you are free to get on with your life as though you were never addicted.

Unlike other dug recovery methods that involve self-effort, recovery with God must be on a faith basis. In other words, you must first believe that Christ has already paid for your recovery in full at the cross. Then you must believe that you are recovered before you can see it become a reality in your life. Drug addiction recovery that is based on self-effort is predicated on self-transformation, and whatever we do on our own strength is only temporary, but whatever God does is forever.

Someone who believes they are a “recovering addict” can never be fully recovered. It’s like saying “I’m growing into adulthood” while wanting to be an adult already. Either you’re recovered, or you’re not. I am a fully recovered crack cocaine addict by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I know that recovery with God lasts forever, that is why I can truly say, “I know that whatever God does, it shall be forever. Nothing can be added to it, and nothing taken from it.”

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