The Gospel Truth

by Eric Dunbar

the gospel truthWhen people say the gospel makes no sense, it is purely because it is veiled, or hidden from their understanding. Now you might ask, why would God hide the understanding of His word from anyone? But the truth is, God is not the One doing the hiding, but rather it is the god of this age — Satan — who is hiding the truth of the gospel from being revealed in the minds of those who are perishing, that is, those who willingly want to continue in darkness.

Satan conceals the truth of the gospel from as many people as he can because he knows if the light of the gospel of Christ were to shine in the hearts of those who walk in darkness, their eyes would be opened to the truth that is revealed in the saving power of the word of God. Satan knows that people would experience the fatness — health, healing, prosperity, abundance, and blessing — that God desires that we all experience.

Today, if you let the light of the gospel shine in your heart, you can experience health, healing, prosperity and the abundant blessings of God. Now that’s the gospel truth.

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