Also known as: Angel Dust, Ashey Larry, illy, Love Boat, PCP, Sherm(s), Water, Wet, Wet Daddy

PCP dipped cigarette known as wet
PCP-dipped Cigarette

Wet is another dangerous and deadly drug that can be found in every major American city. Depending on the geographical area, Wet has many names on the street. Variations of Wet have been around for decades so the drug is not new, but its popularity is. Wet is commonly made with marijuana but it can be made with other leaves such as tobacco, parsley or mint.

In the 1970’s what young users called “Wet” was commonly known throughout the Southern United States as Sherms, Wet Daddy, and Angel Dust.

During my early years of experimenting with drugs, I remember using the drug on two occasions. On the first occasion I felt as though I was in a dream and nothing seemed real. Everything was in slow motion all around me. The second time I used the drug I felt as though I was ten feet tall. My arms felt heavy and I could actually feel and hear my heart beating within my chest. That was the last time I ever used PCP.

What is “Wet”?

The common element in Wet is PCP. Its chemical name is phencyclidine and during the 1970’s and early 80’s PCP (better known as angel dust) was very popular. A lot of people thought PCP had disappeared but it only went into hiding for a season.

Wet is a mixture of PCP and formaldehyde. Cigarettes (tobacco, marijuana, mint leaves or parsley) are then dipped into the mixture. But Wet is not always dipped. In addition to dipping, tobacco or marijuana is saturated with the solution; it is dried and sold to mostly high school and college students who are looking for that “old school” high of the 70s.

Side Effects and Risks of UsingWet

PCP was originally developed as a surgical anesthetic but because of its strange effects in humans, it was later banned for human use and was used only by veterinarians. Effects of the drug varies, having combined depressant, anesthetic, stimulant and hallucinogenic properties.

The biggest risk factor of using Wet is death. However users of the drug will immediately experience hostile behavior, feelings of detachment from reality and distorted perceptions of the body and activities.

Low Doses

With low doses users of Wet will often experience feelings of stimulation, euphoria, sweating, impaired coordination and judgment and slurred speech.

Moderate Doses

The central nervous system activity slows even more with moderate doses of Wet often resulting in confusion and numbness. Users will also experience image distortion and reduced sensitivity to pain.

High Doses

Wet becomes extremely dangerous in high doses. Central nervous system effects intensify. The user often becomes agitated and may become aggressive and paranoid, and may have hallucinations, delusions, and even more increased sensitivity to pain. The blood pressure drops drastically, muscles become rigid accompanied by convulsions. High doses of Wet often result in death.

Central nervous system effects intensify and include agitation, aggression, paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, and insensitivity to pain. Blood pressure drops sharply, accompanied by muscular rigidity and convulsions, leading even to coma and death.


Just because someone exhibits some or all of the above signs and symptoms does not necessarily warrant that the individual is using, or addicted to Wet. Certain medical conditions may also produce the above signs and/or symptoms.
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