What The Bible Says About Demon Spirits

Most of what is known about demon spirits is just speculation. However, the Bible teaches the truth about these supernatural creatures.

by Eric Dunbar

Demon spiritsA lot has been said about demons, most of which is far from factual. Demons are real, but their legitimacy has been incredibly distorted. People have adopted the perception that demons are gigantic grotesque looking creatures with long tails and reddish brown colored skin with goat or ram-like horns protruding from its forehead, when in reality demons look nothing like this.

People have been kind-of softly tricked into believing that the devil carries a pitch-fork and he lives in hell, where supposedly he rules a fiery kingdom in the underworld where he derives great pleasure from torturing people who once lived bad lives on earth. The truth is, the devil does not live in hell — yet. But don’t take my word for it, let’s see what the Bible says about demon spirits.

What Are Demon Spirits?

Revelation 12:9 tells us that demons are fallen angels. Their leader is Satan — we know him as the devil — who was once an angel named Lucifer. Satan rebelled against God and for his act of rebellion he and his rebellious angels, which is a third of the angels in heaven, were cast out of heaven down to the earth. These fallen angels are known today as demons.

Demon defined is: a supernatural being, spirit or force that is capable of influencing human lives, usually by evil means. The word demon originated from the ancient Greek word, diamon, which referred to beings whose special powers placed them between people and God. So according to the Bible, demons are really angels — fallen angels — who rebelled against God.

The Bible describes demon spirits as:

Did God Create Demon Spirits?

Many people make the assumption that God created evil. But God did not create evil because the Bible says that God saw His creation and called it good. Therefore, God did not create demon spirits. So if God did not create demon spirits, where did they come from?

When God created the heavens (galaxies, stars, solar systems and planets) He created spirit beings for the purpose of establishing His kingdom and government throughout the universe. God called these spirit beings angels. Angels are highly intelligent beings, and like us, they have the ability to make choices. They were perfect sinless beings and they mirrored the power, glory, love, and character of God without error. They loved each other and their Creator and they served Him out of sheer admiration for Him. All of the angels found great pleasure in doing the work that God had assigned them to do.

Why Did God Create the Devil?

Some people think God created the devil to keep us in check, as a means of punishing us when we’re disobedient. But that is far from true. Remember, God did not create evil. Everything God created was good, even the angels.

Among the angels there was one named Lucifer. Lucifer ranked third throughout all of heaven in God’s chain of command, which consisted of God the Father (the Creator of all things), the Son of God (the Word) and Satan (ruler of the angels). But Lucifer wanted more power; he wanted to be God. So Lucifer convinced one-third of the angels of heaven to follow him in an insurgence the he hoped would take over the Throne of God.

War broke out in heaven; Lucifer and his angels fought against the Archangel Michael and his angels and lost, and they were cast out of heaven. No longer would these rebel angels be identified with the holy angels of God. Instead, they would forever be known as demon spirits,and Lucifer would be known as Satan, the devil.

Demon Spirits Have Supernatural Ability

The Bible tells us that demon spirits are responsible for abnormal behaviorblindnesssickness, and disease in people. Demon spirits have the ability to possess a physical body, like the demons who possessed the two men in Matthew 8:28-33.

Demon spirits are evil in nature and they are loyal to Satan, the prince of darkness, who is mankind’s worst enemy. Demon spirits are on an evil mission to destroy people by any means necessary.

They have the ability to take possession of a physical body. When a demon spirit possesses a body the results can be physical ailments such as the inability to speak or hear, blindness, or seizures. In the case of the demon possessed man of the Gadarenes who was possessed by a host of demons, the demons were responsible for him living as a wild man among the graves. This man also possessed superhuman strength (Mark 5:1-20).

Satan is the Leader of Demon Spirits

Satan and his demon spirits are enemies of mankind and they are out to destroy you. The Bible warns that we: “Be well balanced (temperate, sober of mind), be vigilant and cautious at all times; for that enemy of yours, the devil, roams around like a lion roaring [in fierce hunger], seeking someone to seize upon and devour” (1 Peter 5:8).

Satan and his demons disguise themselves as angels of light — meaning they have the appearance of doing good but their motives are purely evil (2 Corinthians 11:14-15). Their aim is to lead you astray in whatever way they can. One of the ways demons do this is by deception. The instigate false doctrine, whereby they either distort the gospel or create new and false doctrine with the intention of drawing people away from God.

Demon Spirits Are Restricted

While it may be true that demon spirits are enemies of God, they are defeated enemies. Christ has disarmed the devil and his demons and has made a public spectacle of them through His sacrifice at the cross (Colossians 2:15). Therefore, anyone who believes in the Son of God has nothing to fear from Satan or his demons. Believers have the Holy Spirit of God living in their hears and neither Satan nor his demons are greater than He.

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